West of Here

Algonquin Books #ad - At the foot of the elwha river, the muddy outpost of Port Bonita is about to boom, fueled by a ragtag band of dizzyingly disparate men and women unified only in their visions of a more prosperous future. Ethan’s obsession with a brighter future impels the damming of the mighty Elwha to harness its power and put Port Bonita on the map.

More than a century later, a middle manager at a failing fish- packing plant, as the great Thornburgh dam is marked for demolition, his great-great grandson, is destined to oversee the undoing of that vision, having blocked the very lifeline that could have sustained the town. West of here is a grand and playful odyssey, adventure and passion, a multilayered saga of destiny and greed, that chronicles the life of one small town, turning America’s history into myth, and myth into a nation’s shared experience.

West of Here #ad - A failed accountant by the name of Ethan Thornburgh has just arrived in Port Bonita to reclaim the woman he loves and start a family.


All About Lulu

Soft Skull Press #ad - This debut novel explores the fundamental difference between where we come from — and the endless possibilities of where we may go. Once lulu departs for college, a cruel dating world, enduring friendship, Will goes into the world to find himself — discovering Western philosophy, ultimately, and, his true calling.

But william is further weakened by the death of his mother, the arrival of a new step-mother, and his irrepressible crush on his new step-sister, Lulu. As lulu faces down her own challenges, William watches his life shift into tumult and despair. Weakness has always been a concern for William Miller: growing up vegetarian in a family of bodybuilders will do that to a person.

All About Lulu #ad - Emboldened by his turn as a late-night radio personality, Will rescues himself from the self-image of weakness he'd long wished to escape.


The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel

Algonquin Books #ad - For ben benjamin, all has been lost--his wife, his family, his home, his livelihood. But when ben is assigned his first client--a tyrannical nineteen-year-old boy named Trevor, who is in the advanced stages of Duchenne muscular dystrophy--he soon discovers that the endless service checklists have done nothing to prepare him for the reality of caring for a fiercely stubborn, sexually frustrated teenager who has an ax to grind with the whole world.

Over time, which had begun with mutual misgivings, evolves into a close friendship, the relationship between Ben and Trev, and the traditional boundaries between patient and caregiver begin to blur. In the revised fundamentals of caregiving releasing june 24, starring paul rudd and selena gomez, author of the new novel This Is Your Life, Jonathan Evison, 2016 as a Netflix Original Film titled The Fundamentals of Caring, Harriet Chance! and the New York Times bestseller West of Here, has crafted a novel of the heart, a story of unlikely heroes in a grand American landscape.

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving: A Novel #ad - . Bursting with energy and filled with moments of absolute beauty, this big-hearted and inspired novel ponders life’s terrible surprises as well as what it takes to truly care for another human being. He is instructed about professionalism, about how to keep an emotional distance between client and provider, and about the art of inserting catheters while avoiding liability.

Hoping to find a new direction, he enrolls in a night class called The Fundamentals of Caregiving, where he will learn to take care of people with disabilities. The bond between them strengthens as they embark on a road trip to visit Trev’s ailing father--a journey rerouted by a series of bizarre roadside attractions that propel them into an impulsive adventure disrupted by one birth, a freakish dust storm, two arrests, and a six-hundred-mile cat-and-mouse pursuit by a mysterious brown Buick Skylark.

By the end of that journey, Trev has had his first taste of love, and Ben has found a new reason to love life.


This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!: A Novel

Algonquin Books #ad - But what she hoped would be a voyage leading to a new lease on life becomes a surprising and revelatory journey into Harriet’s past. Jonathan evison has crafted a bighearted novel with an endearing heroine at the helm. Evison writes humanely and with good humor of his characters, muddle through, who, like the rest of us, too often without giving ourselves much of a break.

A lovely, forgiving character study that’s a pleasure to read. Kirkus reviews, starred review   with bernard, now in the grave, her husband of fifty-five years, seventy-eight-year-old Harriet Chance impulsively sets sail on an ill-conceived Alaskan cruise that her late husband had planned. Jonathan evison’s writing crackles on the page.

Jess walter, author of beautiful ruins   “this Is Your Life, profound as it is hilarious, Harriet Chance! is as sweet as it is inventive, unflinching as it is bighearted. Maria semple, author of where’d you go, partners, Bernadette  “An irresistible, inventive novel full of important ideas about how we live our lives as parents, children, and human beings .

This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!: A Novel #ad - A terrific novel, funny and moving, wistful and wise. Evison is a ridiculously gifted storyteller. Jami attenberg, this is your life, told with evison’s trademark verve and charisma, author of The Middlesteins   “A generous and wise tale, Harriet Chance! is a deeply felt and deeply comforting novel.


Lawn Boy

Algonquin Books #ad - And it’s looking really good. That’s the birthright for all americans, then what is mike muñoz’s problem? Though he tries time and again to get his foot on the first rung of that ladder to success, isn’t it? If so, he can’t seem to get a break. But how? in this funny, touching, bestselling author jonathan Evison takes the reader into the heart and mind of a young man on a journey to discover himself, angry, and ultimately deeply inspiring novel, a search to find the secret to achieving the American dream of happiness and prosperity.

In lawn boy, at once a vibrant coming-of-age novel and a sharp social commentary on class, Evison offers a painfully honest portrait of one young man's struggle to overcome the hand he's been dealt in life and reach for his dreams. But then things start to change for Mike, jarring, and challenging trip, and after a raucous, he finds he can finally see the future and his place in it.

Lawn Boy #ad - Lawn boy is an important, about overcoming cultural discrimination, entertaining, and completely winning novel about social class distinctions, and about standing up for oneself. Not too many years out of high school and still doing menial work—and just fired from his latest gig as a lawn boy on a landscaping crew—he knows that he’s got to be the one to shake things up if he’s ever going to change his life.

It's a journey you won't want to miss, with an ending you won't forget. Kristin hannah, author of the nightingalefor Mike Muñoz, a young Chicano living in Washington State, life has been a whole lot of waiting for something to happen. Jonathan Evison's voice is pure magic.


The Other Vintage Contemporaries

Vintage #ad - When john william enlists neil to help him disappear completely, deceit, and tragedy—one that will finally break open with a wholly unexpected, Neil finds himself drawn into a web of secrets and often agonizing responsibility, life-altering revelation. Riveting, deeply humane, The Other is David Guterson’s most brilliant and provocative novel to date.

From the author of the best-selling snow falling on Cedars, a dazzling new novel about youth and idealism, adulthood and its compromises, and two powerfully different visions of what it means to live a good life. John william barry has inherited the pedigree—and wealth—of two of Seattle’s elite families; Neil Countryman is blue-collar Irish.

. Nevertheless, they’re brought together by what they have in common: a fierce intensity and a love of the outdoors that takes them, when the two boys meet in 1972 at age sixteen, together and often, into Washington’s remote backcountry, where they must rely on their wits—and each other—to survive.

The Other Vintage Contemporaries #ad - Soon after graduating from college, Neil sets out on a path that will lead him toward a life as a devoted schoolteacher and family man. But john william makes a radically different choice, dropping out of college and moving deep into the woods, convinced that it is the only way to live without hypocrisy.


The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley: A Novel

The Dial Press #ad - As loo uncovers a history that’s darker than she could have known, the demons of her father’s past spill over into the present—and together both Hawley and Loo must face a reckoning yet to come. In his late wife’s hometown, he finds work as a fisherman, while Loo struggles to fit in at the local high school.

Each scar is from a bullet Hawley took over the course of his criminal career. Growing more and more curious about the mother she never knew, Loo begins to investigate. A loner who spent years living on the run, he raised his beloved daughter, Loo, moving from motel to motel, on the road, always watching his back.

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley: A Novel #ad - Tinti exhibits an aptitude for shining a piercing light into the corners of her characters’ hearts and minds. O: the oprah Magazine. Soon, everywhere she turns, she encounters the mysteries of her parents’ lives before she was born. National bestseller • “a gripping American-on-the-run thriller. Praise for the twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley“A master class in literary suspense.

The washington post“tinti depicts brutality and compassion with exquisite sensitivity, creating a powerful overlay of love and pain. The new yorker “hannah Tinti’s beautifully constructed second novel.


Four Years in the Rockies: or, The adventures of Isaac P. Rose

Morrison Press #ad - The hunters and trappers of the far west were a brave, hardy and adventurous set of men, and they had peculiarities in their characters that cannot be found in any other people. Their character is a compound of two extremes — recklessness and caution — and isolation from the world makes them at all times self-reliant.

From the time they leave civilization they — metaphorically speaking — carry their lives in their hands. In moments of the greatest peril, they never lose their presence of mind, or under the most trying circumstances, but are ready to take advantage of any incident that may occur to benefit themselves or foil their enemies.

Four years in the rockies is a wonderful account of one mountain man’s life at the height of the fur industry in the nineteenth century as he overcomes adversity, including famous figures like Kit Carson and Nathaniel Wyeth, learns from those around him, and becomes one of the most successful trappers of the Rockies.

Four Years in the Rockies: or, The adventures of Isaac P. Rose #ad - During the course of these years rose overcomes extremely tough conditions, survives meetings with some of the most dangerous animals to be found in North America, and almost loses an arm during a skirmish with some Native Americans. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the nineteenth century fur trade and the adventurers who risked their lives to be part of it.

Isaac rose returned east after his stint in the fur trade and passed away in 1854. James marsh’s fascinating book gives brilliant insight into the life of Isaac P. This book was published thirty years later in 1884.


The Hearts of Men: A Novel

Ecco #ad - And when something unthinkable happens at a camp get-together with Nelson as Scoutmaster and Jonathan’s teenage grandson and daughter-in-law as campers, the aftermath demonstrates the depths—and the limits—of Nelson’s selflessness and bravery. The hearts of men is a sweeping, the challenges and rewards of lifelong friendships, panoramic novel about the slippery definitions of good and evil, family and fidelity, the bounds of morality—and redemption.

Nelson doughty, social outcast and overachiever, age thirteen, is the Bugler, sounding the reveille proudly each morning. Camp chippewa, 1962. Yet this particular summer marks the beginning of an uncertain and tenuous friendship with a popular boy named Jonathan. Over the years, irrevocably scarred from the vietnam War, Nelson, while Jonathan marries, becomes Scoutmaster of Camp Chippewa, divorces, and turns his father’s business into a highly profitable company.


The High Divide: A Novel

Algonquin Books #ad - Set against a backdrop of beauty and danger. Lin enger sets out from the conventions of the traditional Western and brings the reader into new emotional territory, that of the soul of an exquisitely drawn American family. It doesn’t take long for gretta’s young sons, Eli and Danny, to set off after him, leaving Gretta no choice but to search for the boys and their father in hopes of bringing them all home.

Highly recommended. Library journal, starred review “A deeply moving, gripping novel. In its narrative simplicity and emotional directness, it is reminiscent of John Ford’s classic The Searchers. Publishers weekly, starred review “enger’s novel is told in beautifully exact, liquid language that wastes no time, just as one cannot afford to waste time when making a journey such as the Pope family’s.

The High Divide: A Novel #ad - Layered with meaning, this remarkable novel deserves to be read more than once. Enger’s breathtaking portrait of the vast plains landscape is matched by the rich expanse of his characters’ emotional terrain, the near total demise of the bison herds, as pivotal historical events--the bloody turmoil of expansionism, and the subjugation of the Plains Indians--blend seamlessly with the intimate story of a family’s sacrifice and devotion.

Enger is an author worth watching. Booklist “the high divide, a novel about a family in peril, is haunting and tense but leavened by considerable warmth and humanity. The high divide is a novel to get lost in.


How Hard Can It Be?: A Novel

St. Martin's Press #ad - After all, how hard can it be? brings us the new adventures of kate Reddy, how hard can it be?Hilarious and poignant, the beleaguered heroine of Allison Pearson's groundbreaking New York Times bestseller I Don't Know How She Does It. Companies aren’t necessarily keen on hiring 49-year-old mothers, joins a Women Returners group, hires a trainer, so Kate does what she must: knocks a few years off her age, and prepares a new resume that has a shot at a literary prize for experimental fiction.

When kate manages to secure a job at the very hedge fund she founded, she finds herself in an impossible juggling act: proving herself again at work, dealing with teen drama, and trying to look after increasingly frail parents as the clock keeps ticking toward her 50th birthday. Richard, quit his job, taking up bicycling and therapeutic counseling: drinking green potions, her husband, dressing head to toe in Lycra, and spending his time—and their money—on his own therapy.

How Hard Can It Be?: A Novel #ad - Then, of course, an old flame shows up out of the blue, and Kate finds herself facing off with everyone from Russian mobsters to a literal stallion. Surely it will all work out in the end. Look, i was doing OK. Then her kids became teenagers read: monsters. I got through the oil spill on the road that is turning forty.

Lost a little control, really, but i drove into the skid just like the driving instructors tell you to and afterwards things were fine again, no, they were better than fine.