The World Encyclopedia of Flags: The definitive guide to international flags, banners, standards and ensigns, with over 400 illustrations

Lorenz Books - Flag families looks at national flags that share similarities and traces their development from the 18th century onwards. The second section, flags of international organizations, is divided into several subtopics including the flags of countries and their territories, Regional and Local Flags, The World of Flags, and Flags of People and Causes.

Compiled by a leading authority, the work is an exhaustive and up-to-date summary of world flags, from the largest countries to the smallest states. The first section, a fascinating overview of flags throughout history, from the Egyptian standards dating from 3400BC, starts with The Origin and Development of Flags, Flags Through the Ages, to flags from the classical and medieval periods and the ensigns of maritime nations of the 20th century.

All about flags covers the wealth of shapes and patterns in flag design developed over the ages, terminology, as well as flag-making techniques, usage and etiquette. Emperors, sovereigns and presidents depicts all the most important royal standards and presidential flags from each significant period in history, with illustrations from the 14th century to the present day.

The World Encyclopedia of Flags: The definitive guide to international flags, banners, standards and ensigns, with over 400 illustrations - Throughout the ages, flags have been a means of cultural and national identification and communication. Military signs deals with regimental colours, flags of armed forces, air force flags and rank flags. Naval ensigns and Flags charts all the flags used at sea by the navy. Government flags includes flags of departments and agencies, governors, police departments and coastguards.

Each flag is illustrated with information on its date of adoption, proportions and symbolic meaning, where relevant.

Flags of the Fifty States: Their Colorful Histories And Significance

Lyons Press - It provides a colorful way to learn about how the United States grew and prospered and shaped itself and its banners over the years. With stunning, what the various symbols and figures in the flags mean, full-color reproductions of each flag, this book offers a thorough and eminently readable account of how and why each flag was designed, and how each flag evolved.

Flags of the fifty states is an indispensable historical reference and a fascinating, beautiful pictorial guide to the rich diversity of America's fifty states. Throughout are interesting facts and sidebars that answer such questions as why Alaska is represented by the Big Dipper, what significance the diamond has in the flag of Arkansas, which state features the Union Jack on its flag, and what impact the Civil War had on designs of the state flags of the South.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Flags Around the World

DK Children - A colorful sticker book with more than 250 reusable stickers filled with fun activities and amazing facts for eager and creative young readers. Travel through the continents and discover the colorful and symbolic flags that represent the countries of our world in Ultimate Sticker Book: Flags Around the World.

This sticker book is packed with more than 250 reusable stickers that kids can use to create their own flag, test their knowledge with a fun sticker quiz, complete a picture jigsaw puzzle, and much more. Ultimate sticker book: flags Around the World is perfect for curious young learners and is sure to keep them busy for hours.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Flags Around the World - Series overview: taking subjects that kids love, from dinosaurs to baby animals to transportation, DK's Ultimate Sticker Book series is refreshed and updated and now features more than 250 fun, reusable stickers. Dk. Packed with activities that allow children to create scenes, the activities throughout each book are simple enough for the child to do independently but engaging enough to keep their interest and help develop dexterity, match pairs, making these books products that parents can trust, and complete jigsaws, and ones that kids will want to keep picking up to learn more about their favorite subjects.

Flags of the World

Harry N. Abrams 9780810980105 - These flags provide a window into the histories, values, and cultures of countries around the world. Waving in the wind, a flag may not seem like a code. Abrams. Dk. But hidden in the stripes, moons, stars, suns, and colors of the world’s flags are the keys to understanding different countries’ shared histories and cherished ideals.

Flags do much more than identify countries and groups of people. If you know what to look for, a flag can reveal major insights into another country’s history and culture. In this complete compendium of the world’s flags, each nation’s flag is paired with facts and tidbits of history. In every color, pattern, and design, the citizens and governments of countries announce their allegiances and herald their history.

Complete Flags WLD: The Ultimate Pocket Guide

DK - Abrams. Spanning geography, communications, libya, and more, this handy pocket-sized guide is the ultimate reference to more than 300 of the world's flags, culture, Malawi, including the latest flags for Myanmar, sports, politics, and South Sudan. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Complete flags of the world tells you everything you need to know about flags, from the meaning behind the designs and symbols, to information on the use of flags and banners in other fields.

A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols 2 Politics of Place

Scribner - March under their colors. We wave them. Burn them. Dk. Abrams. For thousands of years flags have represented our hopes and dreams. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of global reporting experience to reveal the true meaning behind the symbols that unite us—and divide us—A Flag Worth Dying For is a winning combination of current affairs, politics, and world history.

Flags fly at the un, on Arab streets, from front porches in Texas. They represent the politics of high power as well as the politics of the mob. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. In nine chapters covering the usa, latin america, tim marshall’s a flag worth dying for examines the systems of symbols that represent nation states and non-state actors including ISIS, Asia, and flags of terror, Middle East, Hezbollah, UK, Africa, international flags, Europe, and Hamas, and how they figure in diplomatic relations and events today.

A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols 2 Politics of Place - And still, in the twenty-first century, we die for them. Scribner. Combining keen analysis of current events with world history, “one of the best books on geopolitics you could imagine, author of the New York Times bestseller Prisoners of Geography, ” The Evening Standard, Tim Marshall, explains flags and their symbols—how their power is used to unite and divide populations and intimidate enemies.

From the renewed sense of nationalism in china, to troubled identities in Europe and the USA, to the terrifying rise of Islamic State, the world is a confusing place right now and we need to understand the symbols, old and new, that people are rallying round.

Good Flag, Bad Flag

North American Vexillological Association - Scribner. Abrams. Use five basic principles to create an outstanding flag for your organization, neighborhood, city, tribe, company, family, or even country! This 16-page full-color booklet, 5.5" x 8. 5", distills the concepts of flag design into five basic principles, and shows examples of flags that follow them and flags that disregard them.

Dk. The publisher nava has led web-based surveys of state/provincial and city flag designs, confirming the soundness of the basic principles explained in the booklet. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

The Book of Flags: Flags from around the world and the stories behind them

Wayland - Dk. Abrams. Scribner. Did you know that the us star-spangled banner was designed by a 17-year-old school boy? or that the Brazilian flag shows a star constellation of the night sky from 1889? Welcome to the bizarre and fascinating world of flags! From the chequered Formula 1 flag and the rainbow banner to historical standards and country flags, this book is packed with amazing facts, stories and curiosities behind some of the world's most iconic banners.

Hachette Kids Hodder Wayland. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Discover the cultural and political history behind each flag, as well as flag rituals, historical uses of flags and heaps of curiosities and unusual facts.

The Complete Guide to Flags of the World, 3rd Edition IMM Lifestyle Books 220 Countries & Territories, Over 600 Illustrations & Photos, Flag History & Symbolism, Statistics, De Facto States, & More

IMM Lifestyle Books - Scribner. Abrams. Hachette Kids Hodder Wayland. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Your comprehensive guide to the flags of the world!over 220 flags of countries, and moreover 600 illustrations and photographs in full colorLarge-scale locator maps, states, now available in a completely updated edition, meaning, territories, provides concise, clearly detailed for easy referenceUp-to-date data and statistics for each country and locationHistory and symbolism information for each flagDe facto and emerging states are covered in a special dedicated sectionThis comprehensive guide to the flags of the world, giving the history, accurate coverage of every country in the world, and symbolism of national flags, together with large-scale and smaller locator maps.

The complete guide to flags of the world includes the history of flags, large-scale and detailed locator maps for easy reference, information about the history and symbolism of each flag, flags of international organizations, up-to-date data and statistics for all countries, a section on de facto and emerging states, color flags of over 220 countries and territories, and a full index.

The Complete Guide to Flags of the World, 3rd Edition IMM Lifestyle Books 220 Countries & Territories, Over 600 Illustrations & Photos, Flag History & Symbolism, Statistics, De Facto States, & More - Packed with history, the complete guide to flags of the World is the perfect gift for any flag collector, and full color illustrations of flags from Andorra to Zimbabwe, symbolism, historical writer, or history buff! Dk.

Flags through the ages and across the world

McGraw-Hill - Scribner. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Abrams. This definitive book is the most complete source in existence for the official flags and coats of arms, as well as their symbols, accompanied by more than 2, of the world's 157 nations and their subdivisions and dependencies, 250 illustrations created expressly for this book.

Flags through the ages and across the world' is a major survery of civilization from the perspective of that unique artifact the flag - an exciting 5, and their rash but stalwart descendants, 000 year panorama that begins in the ancient Middle East and China and continues with the conquering Roman legionnaires, the early Christians, the Crusaders.

Hachette Kids Hodder Wayland. This book is the first truly comprehensive reference book on flags. It is also the most thorough reference work on flag design, shapes, rules, and symbolism and is a useful guide to principal flag types, usage, and flag-related devices. Dk. The sweep of history has seen men and women everywhere rally around flags, from time immemorial when flags were crude marks of identity and symbols of great emotion to the great revolutions that saw the emergence of today's nation-states and their national flags.

Flags through the ages and across the world - From the front and rear flap of this 361 page book: "flags stream gallantly through history - on spears and masts, livening the United Nations' plaza, fluttering from crenelated towers, painted on bomber's flanks, standing beside heads of state, stabbed into bullet-swept high ground, leading every prideful parade there ever was.

Flags From Around the World Coloring Book

Jupiter Kids - Coloring makes all these learnings possible it’s a hands-on experience. This coloring book has two purposes. The first purpose is to introduce colors, lines, forms and perceptions to young children. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Scribner. Abrams. The second purpose is to introduce the concept of global differences.

Is your child ready to absorb and retain new knowledge? Then grab a copy now! Dk. Take notice of the existence of other countries, while having a blast coloring. Hachette Kids Hodder Wayland.