The Thinnest Air

Thomas & Mercer - And no one in this town would have reason to harm her. After three years of marriage, Meredith’s life has become predictable. Until the day she disappears. Her car has been discovered in a grocery store parking lot—purse and phone undisturbed on the passenger seat, keys in the ignition, no sign of struggle, and no evidence of foul play.

When her desperate sister, greer, finding her sister isn’t going to be easy…because where she’s looking is going to get very, she must face a disturbing question: What if no one really knows Meredith at all? For Greer, arrives, very dark. She has two lovely stepchildren and is living in affluence in a mountain resort town.

The Thinnest Air - . Her husband, Andrew, is a charming and successful financial broker. It’s as if she vanished into thin air. It’s not like Meredith to simply abandon her loved ones. A woman’s disappearance exposes a life of secrets in a twisting novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Memory Watcher. Meredith Price is the luckiest woman alive.

The Memory Watcher

- Fans of gone girl, you, and the television series Black Mirror will thoroughly enjoy this debut. Is she a forlorn mother desperate to reconnect with her child? Is she a delusional woman obsessed with a non-existent perfection? Autumn's bizarre fascination and Daphne's constant struggle to maintain her family create the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and intrigue.

I'm calling it. Couldn't go to bed until it was over. The memory watcher is 2017's girl on the train! couldn't put it down. The memory watcher has been optioned by NBC Universal's UCP with Escape Artists attached to produce. Press, tap, refresh. But what starts as an innocent fascination soon spirals into an addictive obsession that comes to a screeching halt the day the McMullen family closes their Instaface account without so much as a warning.

The author keeps you guessing, vivid, amazon Reviewer "Kent's first novel is a tight, and I never saw the twist coming!" - Book Lover, tense thriller. Frantic and desperate to reconnect with her daughter, Autumn applies for a nanny position with the McMullens, manipulating herself into Grace's life under false pretenses.

The Memory Watcher - From behind a computer screen, Autumn watches Grace's every memory, from birthdays to holidays to bedtime snuggles. When autumn carpenter stumbles upon the social media account of the family who adopted her infant daughter years ago, she finds herself instantly drawn into their picture-perfect existence.

The Perfect Roommate

- I know how she takes her tea, how she organizes her closet. I know when she goes to bed each night, what she eats for breakfast, the passcode on her phone. I know she calls her mother on Mondays, takes barre on Thursdays, and meets her friends for drinks on Fridays. But more important than any of that … I know what she did.

. She’s my roommate.

The Stillwater Girls

Thomas & Mercer - He claims to be looking for the girls’ mother, and he’s not leaving without them. To escape, wren and her sister must break the rule they’ve grown up with: never go beyond the forest. Past the thicket of dread, they come upon a house on the other side of the pines. A brutal winter is bearing down. Supplies are low.

This is where wren and Sage must confront something more chilling than the unknowable. Then comes the stranger. Livestock are dying. Two sisters raised in fear are about to find out why in a chilling novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Thinnest Air. Ignorant of civilization and cautioned against its evils, Sage and Evie, nineteen-year-old Wren and her two sisters, were raised in off-the-grid isolation in a primitive cabin in upstate New York.

The Stillwater Girls - And they never return. As months pass, hope vanishes. They’ll discover what’s been hidden from them, what they’re running from, and the secrets that have left them in the dark their entire lives. When the youngest grows gravely ill, their mother leaves with the child to get help from a nearby town.

Every Single Secret: A Novel

Lake Union Publishing - Daphne reluctantly agrees—even though the past is the last place she wants to go. The retreat’s isolated and forbidding location increases her unease, they’ll be monitored at all hours by hidden cameras, as do the doctor’s rules: they must relinquish their keys and phones, and they’re never to socialize with the other guests.

One sleepless night, daphne decides to leave her room…and only then does she realize that the institute is not at all what it seems—and that whatever’s crying out from Heath’s past isn’t meant to be heard. It’s meant to be silenced. Matthew cerny, a psychologist celebrated for getting to the root of repressed memories.

Every Single Secret: A Novel - . A true psychological thriller that will leave you breathless. Wendy walker, bestselling author of all is not Forgotten and Emma in the NightEmotionally guarded Daphne Amos always believed she’d found a kindred spirit in her fiancé, Heath. Both very private people, and each other, they’ve kept their pasts hidden from the world, until Heath’s escalating nightmares begin to put an undeniable strain on their relationship.

Determined to give their impending marriage the best chance of succeeding, Heath insists that Daphne join him on a seven-day retreat with Dr.


Thomas & Mercer - The perfect life becomes the perfect nightmare in a twisting novel of psychological suspense from #1 USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Jaynes…Dr. At work, his career becomes at risk when he’s asked to remain silent about a dangerous new drug. He has a beachfront home in malibu, a career as a respected pediatrician at a thriving Los Angeles practice, and a gorgeous new wife, Mia.

For a man whose past was rife with mental illness, and thoughts of suicide, addiction, it seems too good to be true. Then daniel learns that a fellow pediatrician and his family were found slaughtered in their home. It’s just the first chip in the facade of Daniel’s perfect life. Daniel winters is living a fairy-tale life.

Malice - Little by little, everything starts to fall away. At home, mia has gone from an affectionate newlywed to a mysterious woman carefully hiding secrets—and possibly a lover. Then, another doctor is found dead, and as mia’s behavior becomes increasingly suspicious, Daniel begins to wonder: Is paranoia getting the best of him…or has his fairy-tale life become a nightmare worse than he could have ever imagined?

After Nightfall

Lake Union Publishing - But seething hostilities rise to the surface, ruining everyone’s evening. J. Did she fall? was she pushed? or did she take a purposeful step into darkness? Desperate for answers, Marissa digs deep into the events of the party. But what she remembers happening after nightfall now carries sinister implications: the ugly sniping, the clandestine meetings, the drunken flirtations.

Banner keeps readers on a razor-sharp edge in this intricately plotted novel of psychological suspense…in which nothing is as it seems. The more she investigates, the man she once trusted, the more she questions everything she thought she knew about her friends, and even herself. Bestselling author A. From the bestselling author of The Good Neighbor comes a gripping thriller about an engagement party gone fatally awry.

After Nightfall - Imagine your closest friend utterly betraying you. Years later, when she seeks forgiveness, you invite her to your engagement party as a gesture of reconciliation. After an awful night, your friend’s battered, lifeless body is found at the bottom of a rocky cliff. Newly engaged Marissa Parlette is living this nightmare.

She should be celebrating her upcoming wedding, but she can’t shake the image of her friend lying dead on the beach.

Hold Still

Thomas & Mercer - After years as a patrol cop, detective Jocelyn Rush is almost immune to the depravity that stalks the meaner streets of Philadelphia…almost. After saving her three-year-old daughter from a carjacking, she ends up in the emergency room—and discovers that Anita, a former prostitute and acquaintance from her old days on the beat, has been hideously mutilated in a brutal assault.

With the help of her partner and philadelphia’s Special Victims Unit, Jocelyn discovers that Anita isn’t the first victim of these attacks and it looks like she won’t be the last. When the violence hits closer to home, Jocelyn knows she must do whatever it takes to stop the sadistic attacker—even if it means confronting a terrible secret from her painful past.

Hold Still - Award-wining author lisa Regan’s Hold Still is a captivating thriller that crackles with intensity. Revised edition: This edition of Hold Still includes editorial revisions.

The Retreat

Thomas & Mercer - But within days of his arrival, the peace of the retreat is shattered by a series of eerie events. When lucas’s investigation leads him and julia into the woods, they discover a dark secret—a secret that someone will do anything to protect…What really happened that day by the river? Why was Lily never found? And who, or what, is haunting the retreat?From the bestselling author of Follow You Home and The Magpies comes his most terrifying novel yet.

One of the first guests is Lucas, a horror novelist, who becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Lily. An amazon Charts bestseller. A missing child. But the little girl’s body was never found—and Julia believes Lily is somehow still alive. Alone and broke, Julia opens her house as a writers’ retreat.

The Retreat - . And a house full of secrets. Two years ago, Julia lost her family in a tragic accident. Her husband drowned trying to save their daughter, Lily, in the river near their rural home. A desperate mother.

The Friend: An emotional psychological thriller with a twist

Thomas & Mercer - The chilling psychological thriller from the #1 bestselling author of I Am Watching You. On a train with her husband, Ben, miles from home and their four-year-old son, Sophie receives a chilling phone call. Two boys are in hospital after a tragic accident. One of them is Ben. She thought she could trust Emma, her new friend, to look after her little boy.

But sophie can’t shake the feeling that she’s made an unforgivable mistake and now her whole family is in danger. Because how well does she know Emma, really? Should she have trusted her at all?Time is running out. Powerless to help her child, still hours from home, Sophie is about to discover the truth.

The Friend: An emotional psychological thriller with a twist - After all, emma’s a kindred spirit—someone Sophie was sure she could bare her soul to, despite the village rumours. And her life will never be the same.

Witness: A gripping psychological thriller with a surprising twist

Thomas & Mercer - Ready to play? you have sixty seconds to decide…As the crimes grow more severe, the victims closer to home, Rebecca is forced to confront a past she had hoped was gone forever. And, to make matters worse, she has to choose the victims. Fail to respond and you get hurt. An international Thriller Writers Award finalist.

To rebecca it was a brave decision that led to her freedom from domestic abuse. Talk to the police and you die. To solomon it was the ultimate betrayal. It’s been ten years since Rebecca’s testimony saw Solomon locked away. Solomon has been in her home, and has a very simple message for her: for each of the ten years he has spent in jail, Rebecca must witness a crime.

Witness: A gripping psychological thriller with a surprising twist - Enough time for the nightmares to recede, the nerves to relax; enough time to rebuild her life and put the past behind her. Then one day a phone rings in her bedroom—but it’s not her phone.