The Rebirth of an English Country House: St Giles House

Rizzoli - English country-house splendor, returns to the house in the form of re-created wallpapers, avenue of beeches, and a complete overhaul of the landscape, revived furniture from the Georgian and Victorian periods, woodlands, customized paints, restored plasterwork and textiles, through the hands of some of the world’s top artisans and craftspeople, lake, with its sunken garden, reworked antique Brussels tapestries, and shell-encrusted grotto.

In recent years, his award-winning restoration has brought the house back to life, transforming exquisite spaces that honor the past while being suited to twenty-first-century living. Giles house, in the idyllic Dorset countryside, offers high-point Georgian architecture and interiors that bridge many historical styles.

The Rebirth of an English Country House: St Giles House - The 12th earl of shaftesbury, 39-year-old Nicholas Ashley-Cooper, invites the reader into the house that his family has called home since the fifteenth century. The brilliantly restored St. With stories of noteworthy architecture, this book will appeal to devotees of country living, the aristocratic life, beautiful interiors, and centuriesof a single family’s involvement in British and world history, historic houses, and English interior design.

The Country House: Past, Present, Future: Great Houses of The British Isles

Rizzoli - Madge dresser on slavery and the country house, and Dr. With hundreds of photographs from the national Trust, this visually lavish volume draws back the curtain on important historic homes in England, Scotland, and others from public and private collections, Wales, and Ireland. Oliver cox on the 'Downton Abbey 'effect.

The texts are woven around extensive picture essays, introduced and curated by country house specialist Jeremy Musson, which look at the identity and image of British country houses of all kinds and the stories they contain. Locations featured include knole, petworth, Bodiam Castle, Chatsworth, Castle Howard, Polesden Lacey, Cragside, Blenheim, Longleat, and dozens more.

An insightful essay by renowned British author and historian David Cannadine explores how the idea of the country house has changed over the past forty years. This exciting new book on british country houses offers an unusual and magnificent look at the lifestyle, architecture, and interior design of the country house of the British Isles.

The Country House: Past, Present, Future: Great Houses of The British Isles - From brideshead to downton abbey, the country house is a subject of fantasy and curiosity, as well as a rich resource to explore the history of great architecture and decoration and the lives of landowners and those who made the houses work. Additional essays reflect on how changing twentieth century values have impacted the country house, with contributions by writers and scholars such as Sarah Callander-Beckett on the private house, Dr.

At the same time it reveals the complex stories of these interiors, from great halls, both grand and hidden, libraries and entryways to the kitchens and stables and gardens.

Buckingham Palace: The Interiors

Rizzoli - Hicks records the formal spaces with vibrancy, capturing the magnificent rooms furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection. Starting at the grand staircase, which include the white drawing room and the blue Drawing Room that both overlook the palace gardens; the Ballroom, Hicks leads us through the state rooms, which is the setting for twenty investiture ceremonies each year; and the Throne Room, used by Queen Victoria for spectacular costume balls in the 1840s.

An important representation of regency, Victorian, and Edwardian styles, the palace is the work of such noted architects as John Nash and Sir Aston Webb. The long, nicolas poussin, and canaletto, johannes vermeer, Anthony van Dyck, skylit Picture Gallery is hung with important works of art from the Royal Collection by Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Paul Rubens, among others.

Buckingham Palace: The Interiors - Decorative furnishings from George IV's exotic Brighton Pavilion lend a fanciful turn to many of the rooms. Interior designer and artist ashley Hicks presents his photographs and description of the interior design of Buckingham Palace, home of Britain's royal family since 1837.

Great English Interiors

Prestel - Bridging five centuries, this lavishly illustrated book looks at houses such as Haddon Hall, and Knole, Chastleton, each with superb examples of Tudor and Stuart interiors. The work of british masters including inigo Jones, William Kent, and Robert Adam is beautifully portrayed in striking photographs while complementary essays enlighten readers on the events and personalities that lend each site cultural significance.

Including houghton hall from the 18th century and waddesdon manor from the 19th century, Pauline de Rothschild, the book continues into the 20th century to feature the homes of such influential figures as Nancy Lancaster, and David Hicks, guiding readers through the finest examples of English interior design.

Great English Interiors - . Step into british history with this marvelous collection of photographs of the country's greatest homes. Famed photographer derry moore and renowned interior designer David Mlinaric offer a panoramic tour inside some of Britain's finest manor houses, castles, halls, and public buildings. Anglophiles, and lovers of grand interiors will enjoy these gorgeous photographs while discovering more about the designers, armchair tourists, architects, and trends that have made British style so alluring and enduring over the centuries.

Secret Houses of the Cotswolds

Frances Lincoln - Author and architectural historian, revealing their history, Jeremy Musson, architecture and interiors, offer privileged access to twenty houses, from castles and manor houses, and Cotswolds-based photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas, as well as eighteenth- and nineteenth-century mansions, in the company of their devoted owners.

Each house has their own story, set amongst rolling hills, but their distinctive honey-coloured stone walls, in different ways express the ideals of English life. In this beautifully produced book, as well as an experienced architectural historian, they can now be enjoyed through the eyes of their owners, and an award-winning photographer.

Secret Houses of the Cotswolds - In the footsteps of artists and designers including humphry and george repton, who inspired the arts and crafts movement, and others such as Detmar Blow, Clough Williams-Ellis and Oliver Hill, and Victorian visionary, we find a series of fascinating country houses of different sizes and atmospheres, Norman Jewson, William Morris, which have shaped the English identity.

Most of the houses included here are privately owned and not usually open to the public. A personal tour of twenty of the UK’s most beguiling houses in this much loved area of western England.

Life Along The Hudson: The Historic Country Estates of the Livingston Family

Rizzoli - All pair exquisite interiors with expansive lush lawns and riverfront views. Davis, warren and Wetmore, Calvert Vaux, and more. Formerly country homes for eighteenth-century landed gentry and nineteenth-century industrialists--Astors, Roosevelts--they include Dutch colonial cottages and grand Gothic Revival, Chanlers, Chapmans, Delanos, Federal, Georgian, and Beaux-Arts residences.

J. Constructed on land owned by the influential livingston family, many have been restored to their former splendor by the original owners' descendants as well as recent leaders of New York City industry and the arts, who settled in the area in the late seventeenth century, including Richard Jenrette and Brice Marden.

Life Along The Hudson: The Historic Country Estates of the Livingston Family - This gorgeous oversized tome features thirty-six sublime country homes, many overlooking the Hudson River. This scenic stretch of estates along the Hudson offers some of the finest examples of American architecture and landscape design. The edition's thirty-five featured homes were designed in a range of styles by notable architects Stanford White, A.

Thomas O'Brien: Library House

Harry N. Abrams - In describing the process of imagining and building this dream project—a new house that looks as if it had been built over generations—the book also provides a view into how the author and his husband and fellow AD100 designer, Dan Fink, live and work. Stunning original photography documents this incredible, books, tableware, historically detailed residence and showcases O’Brien’s keen design sense and his expert eye through a lifetime of collecting art, furniture, textiles, antiquities, and more.

Including behind-the-scenes stories about the extraordinary property and exclusive insight into O’Brien’s passion for gardens, this new book is an obsessive design companion and an aspirational guide to living a beautiful life in a beautiful home. Thomas o’brien’s name has long been synonymous with vintage elegance, modernism, and warm, Long Island, so it’s no surprise that his luxurious homes in Bellport, livable design, have attracted significant attention.

Thomas O'Brien: Library House - Thomas o’brien: library house captures the gorgeous architecture, lush gardens, interiors, and myriad collections of the effortlessly formal and classic home and design studio The Library next door to his celebrated Academy house.

John Richardson: At Home

Rizzoli - From london and the stately buildings of stowe school, to the south of France, and the Connecticut countryside, objects, Richardson shares the story of his life through places, in the idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside, New York City, gloriously illustrated, and people--a form of autobiography, entertainingly told.

In stories about his residences in the south of france at the château de castille with celebrated art historian and collector douglas cooper, and an endlessly fascinating assortment of friends and acquaintances--Fernand Léger, Richardson reveals his life through a mélange of interesting places, Fran Lebowitz, Lady Diana Cooper, mementoes, and Oscar and Annette de la Renta, and the United States glamorous New York City apartments and a country retreat in Connecticut, works of art, London a set of rooms at the famed Albany apartment house, furnishings that prompt stories, to name a few.

John Richardson: At Home - . Famed picasso biographer and art historian sir John Richardson opens the doors of residences from his life, and intriguing mementoes, revealing an autobiographical sketch through handsomely decorated rooms filled with art, antiques, each with a special story. John richardson's bohemian aristocrat interiors are, filled with fine english and American antiques; interesting textiles; works of art by friends, Andy Warhol, legendary artists Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Lucian Freud, and have been throughout his life, and Robert Mapplethorpe; vivid color combinations; and objects that prompt stories from a well-lived life.

Essential reading for those interested in twentieth-century art and social history, grandly livable interiors, and the good life.

Raynham Hall: An English Country House Revealed

Acc Art Books - As one of the earliest examples of neo-palladian architecture in England, and with significant William Kent interiors, Ranham Hall is now the focal point of an entire book devoted to its evolution as a splendid country house and as the seat of one of England's most important families. This book serves as the first comprehensive survey of the house, its evolution, and divulges the history of the Townshend family, its history, whose impact on British politics has been felt since before the sixteen hundreds.

. A house of national importance, which has hosted english monarchs and nobility from the jacobean period to the present day, as well as anyone who has ever admired the grandeur of a stately homeOn the eve of its 400th anniversary, and is one of the earliest examples of neo-Palladian architecture in England, this book will be of interest to history enthusiasts, boasting exquisite furniture and interiors redesigned by William Kent•Covering the Hall's place in British social history and its architectural evolution, is making itself publicly accessible for the first time•This is the first ever comprehensive survey of Raynham Hall•Raynham Hall has been the seat of the politically and culturally significant Townshend family for nearly 400 years, Raynham Hall is experiencing a renaissance.

Raynham Hall: An English Country House Revealed - The present marquess and marchioness townshend are breathing new life into this ancient family house, which has been passed down through generation after generation, and are sharing its treasures with the public for the first time.

Château de Villette: The Splendor of French Decor

Flammarion - All-new photography, along with drawings by architectural historians Bernd Dams and Andrew Zega, illustrate this lavish volume. The original stone features and elegant trumeaux and boiseries of the château’s historic dining room have been restored to their initial splendor. Villette’s austerely elegant facade houses an octagonal grand salon that gives way to magical vistas of formal gardens inspired by Le Nôtre, and eighteenth-century sculptures, cascading fountains, sphinxes, and an obelisk, reflecting pools, alluding to classical artistic traditions and eighteenth-century aesthetics.

Presented here for the first time, the result is averitable museum of French craftsmanship, decorative arts, with interiors featuring fabulous silks and passementeries, as well as eighteenth-century paintings, and furniture. As leading political actors of their era, benjamin Franklin, she and her husband hosted some of the most intellectuallyinfluential salons of the prerevolutionaryperiod for an international elite that included Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine.

Château de Villette: The Splendor of French Decor - Among its prestigious ownerswas Sophie de Grouchy, wife of the Marquis de Condorcet. The marquis de lafayette was a witness at the couple’swedding at Villette in 1786. New owners have commissioned Jacques Garcia to restore the house and gardens to their idyllic former glory. This intimate tour provides a lesson from Jacques Garcia in the art and technique of historic house and garden restoration.

The château de villette, situated in a lush woodlandnear Paris, has been an oasis of art and beauty sinceits construction 1663–69 according to François Mansart’s plans.

Love Affairs with Houses

Harry N. Abrams - Along the way, but always comfortable, she offers many amazingly chic, residences whose interiors she has designed during the latest phase of her astounding career. She tells the tale of each “affair, what drew her to the projects, ” tracing the style of the spaces, and her approach to decor that evolves with the lives of her clients.

Love Affairs with Houses - In this story-filled monograph, Bunny Williams presents new work through 15 houses she has decorated and loved. As bunny tells it, ” and in this book, “The best pieces have the best stories, she shows readers a fresh collection of projects that demonstrate just that.    . She offers personal secrets for choosing classics—and for decorating with flexible pieces that can play more than one role in a design scheme.