My Life As A Rear End, Memoirs of a Train Conductor

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Personal experiences run the gamut from sexual escapades to train accidents and even hijackings, almost all of which culminate with laughter. This compilation of dozens of incredible true stories gathered over a 39 year railroad career, spotlights the unexpected hilarity involved in working in public transportation.

When Deadhead Counted As Rest and Other Railroad Stories True Railroad Stories Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Written in the style of one of his favorite authors O. At its conclusion, the reader will want more stories, and author Geletzke, already has another book on the way. While Mr. Geletzke retired in 2011 from a 45-year railroad career; but actually got his start as a small child riding steam locomotives, switching the coal yards at the end of his block.

Additionally, we will look at many of our subjects from both a managerial perspective, as well as that of a unionized railroad worker. Geletzke has written most of these stories, some are mundane or perhaps even preposterous, many too have been written or told by his friends and co-workers, Most are humorous, and several will literally terrify the reader.

When Deadhead Counted As Rest and Other Railroad Stories True Railroad Stories Volume 1 - Henry with their suspenseful endings, these selections will keep the reader right on the edge of his or her seat right to the end! Mr. The railroad was a great place to work; but it could also be extremely dangerous and we will discuss all of these issues. Author geletzke has compiled a collection of 81 short stories and 35 b&w photos, all about the railroad, and all true.

This is a great book to take on a trip in a plane or on a cruise, or just to enjoy when you only have a few minutes to read.

With the Slack, That Will Do, and Other Railroad Stories: More True Railroad Stories Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - You will truly be entertained and searching for the next volume! So here you go. Here are 79 more railroad short stories, all true, and sure to entertain! His first book entitled the detroit & toledo shore line railroad-expressway for industry was a detailed complete history with color and b&w photos covering the entire history of this small Class 1 freight carrier.

This collection of true railroad stories is the author's third book. The author's second book, sometimes mundane, is titled when deadhead counted as rest and other railroAD STORIES and is a collection of 80 short stories depicting exciting, and beginning of a series, frequently humorous, and in a few cases deadly trips over the rails.

Conductor: The Heart & Soul of the Railroad

Independently published - Additionally, the pathways to a career as a conductor are fully explored. This is the story of one of the more fabled occupations in America - the railroad conductor. This book traces the origin of the railroad and the occupation as well as the conductor as a subject of folklore and the media.

So, You Think You'd Like to Railroad and Other Railroad Stories: "Are you outta your mind?" Volume 3

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Henry, railfans, is particularly relevant to historians, and anyone else considering making the railroad or transportation industry a career. This book, written in the style of O. The pros and cons of a job in the railroad industry are discussed and documented through the true accounts of former and current railroad employees in the format of over 80 short stories.

This volume the third in a series will take a prospective employee through the transition era from steam locomotives to diesel and right up through our modern era. A very entertaining little volume! Many have often thought that they would have liked to work for a railroad.

My Life with Trains: Memoir of a Railroader Railroads Past and Present

Indiana University Press - My life with trains combines a world-class photographer’s love of railroading with the insights of a government and railroad official. Expertly detailed with over 250 stunning color photographs, My Life with Trains covers sixty years as observed by a legendary railroad strategist. Named one of the "75 people you should know" by Trains Magazine, Jim McClellan was a railroading legend and one of the railroad industry’s titans.

The book provides a short historical overview of the changes in the industry, recounts McClellan’s experience at various railroads, and offers personal reflections on a lifetime of working with and chasing trains. An iconic and innovative executive, the new york central, McClellan participated in the creation of both Amtrak and Conrail and worked for the Norfolk Southern, US Railway Association, and the Federal Railroad Administration.

The Brasspounder

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The author was D. G. Sanders who worked 50 years for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a telegrapher and block operator. The flavor of the book is suggested by some of the chapter titles: "breaking in, " "Heroes and Goats, " "The Wally Flyer, " "Long Nights, " "High Jinks and Humor, " "A Visit into Yesterday, Bright Days, " "Pulling the Pin.

One of the most gripping chapters is the one in which Sanders was called as a potential witness in a murder trial. When Mr. And 'on time' was a religion. Originally published in 1978, "the brasspounder" won the Ohioana Book Award of 1979 in the category of The Ohio Scene. Long out of print, used original copies of "The Brasspounder" continue to sell briskly, as it is one of the most vivid books ever written about American railroads of the 20th Century.

The Brasspounder - It was the most thrilling job you could have. The book is being republished by his daughter and editor, Sandra Sanders Breuer. Sanders began working for the pennsy in 1915 at age 16 he lied about his age, working for the railroad was like becoming an astronaut in a later age, he said. The author begins the book this way: "this is the story of how it used to be in the romantic days of railroading, when the entire force, its efficiency, took pride in a railroad's service, its safety, from the policymaker at the top to the track laborer at the bottom, and its personal appearance .

Riding the Rails: Inside the Business of America's Railroads Railroads Past and Present

Indiana University Press - By the age of 40, krebs was president of the Southern Pacific Railroad and went on to lead both the Santa Fe Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway companies. When Robert D. Riding the rails: inside the business of america's railroads details Krebs's rise to a position of influence in the recovery of America's railroads and offers a unique insider's view into the boardrooms where executives and businessmen reimagined transportation in the United States.

Despite these obstacles, krebs fell in love with the rugged, competitive business of railroads and was determined to overcome its resistance to change and put rail transportation back on track. Krebs joined the ranks of southern Pacific Railroad in 1966, the industry had been in decline for decades, and the future of trains was in peril.

Set Up Running: The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman, 1904–1949 Keystone Books

Penn State University Press - He tells about his father’s first encounter with an automobile along the right-of-way, about what it was like to operate a train in a blizzard, and about the difficulties railroadmen encountered in stopping a trainload of tank cars loaded with oil in order to take on water and coal—and many other stories.

Jack orr, which begins at the central Steam Heating Plant in Bellefonte, tells his father’s story, Oscar’s son, Pennsylvania. This compelling railroad history will enthrall not only everyone in the railroad community but also the general reader interested in railroads and trains, past and present. Oscar operated nearly every kind of steam locomotive the Pennsylvania Railroad owned, working from the bottom of the roster to the top position number one in seniority.

Set Up Running: The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman, 1904–1949 Keystone Books - Set up running tells the story of a Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive engineer, Oscar P. John W. From 1904 to 1949, perishables, orr sat at the controls of many famous steam locomotives; moved trains loaded with coal, and other freight; and encountered virtually every situation a locomotive engineer of that era could expect to see.

Orr has an ear for detail and a vivid memory. Orr, who operated steam-powered freight and passenger trains throughout central Pennsylvania and south-central New York.

Life and Times of a Locomotive Engineer

Old World Pub - Interesting and well-written autobiography of a railroad engineer who describes the transition from small steam locomotives to giant articulates and then to diesels. 312 pages. Used book in Good Condition.

Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains magazine

Kalmbach Books - This book also focuses on the finest writing and includes historical photos. All readers will be drawn-in by the many American railroading stories from those who actual lived it. It features the writings and reflections of founding editor Al Kalmbach, Lucius Beebe, David Morgan, and other well-known names.

It includes rare, first-hand accounts that give historical insight into riding passenger trains, working on the railroad, and growing up in the era of steam trains. Kalmbach Books. Great american railroad stories gives readers a look at railroading history as presented by the writers of Trains magazine over 75 years.

Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains magazine - Used book in Good Condition.