Laetitia Rodd and the Case of the Wandering Scholar A Laetitia Rodd Mystery

Bloomsbury Publishing #ad - C. C. Joshua welland was a scholar at Oxford, brilliant, eccentric, and desperately poor when he disappeared from the university. Beaton meets miss marple in the second book in the Laetitia Rodd Mysteries, which sees Kate Saunders's Victorian detective on the hunt for a missing Oxford academic. Friends claim to have seen him since, in gypsy camps and wandering around the countryside.

But the last sighting was ten years before-when Joshua claimed to be learning great secrets from the gypsies that would one day astound the whole world. But as she investigates, Mrs. Rodd's neighbor jacob Welland is a reclusive, rich gentleman dying of consumption, and he wants Mrs. Rodd to find his brother, who has been missing for fifteen years.

Laetitia Rodd and the Case of the Wandering Scholar A Laetitia Rodd Mystery #ad - Rodd travels to Oxford and begins to search for the wandering scholar. Mrs. M. Beaton, laetitia rodd and the mystery of the Wandering Scholar is a delightful new mystery about Victorian England and an indomitable female detective. Rodd discovers something dark-and extremely dangerous-lurking in the beautiful English countryside.

In 1851, private detective laetitia Rodd is enjoying a well-earned holiday when she gets an urgent request for her services. Mrs.


The Secrets of Wishtide A Laetitia Rodd Mystery

Bloomsbury USA #ad - Her brother, frederick tyson, is a criminal barrister living in the neighboring village of Highgate with his wife and ten children. Bentley, who once let rooms to John Keats, Laetitia makes her living as a highly discreet private investigator. But the seemingly simple case--looking into young Charles Calderstone's “inappropriate” love interest--soon takes a rather unpleasant turn.

Frederick finds the cases, her iron discretion, and Laetitia solves them using her arch intelligence, and her immaculate cover as an unsuspecting widow. Laetitia rodd, aged fifty-two, is the widow of an archdeacon. Living in london with her confidante and landlady, Mrs. When frederick brings to her attention a case involving the son of the well-respected, highly connected Sir James Calderstone, Laetitia sets off for Lincolnshire to take up a position as the family's new governess--quickly making herself indispensable.

The Secrets of Wishtide A Laetitia Rodd Mystery #ad - For fans of alexander mccall smith and james Runcie's Grantchester Mysteries, the first novel in a clever new crime series about Victorian London and an indomitable female detective. Mrs. And as the family's secrets begin to unfold, Laetitia discovers the Calderstones have more to hide than most. Introducing an irresistible new detective, the first book in the Laetitia Rodd Mystery series will enthrall and delight.


And Dangerous to Know Rosalind Thorne Mystery Book 3

Kensington Books #ad - The contents of these letters hold great interest for the famous poet Lord Byron, who had carried on a notorious public affair with Lady Melbourne's daughter-in-law, the inconveniently unstable Lady Caroline Lamb. Rosalind is to take up residence in Melbourne House, posing as Lady Melbourne's confidential secretary.

The coroner has determined she was poisoned. As she begins to untangle a web of secrets and blackmail, Rosalind finds she must risk her own life to bring the desperate business to an end. Trust is a delicate thing, and no one knows that better than Rosalind Thorne. There, she must discover the thief and regain possession of the letters before any further scandal erupts.

And Dangerous to Know Rosalind Thorne Mystery Book 3 #ad - . Lady melbourne has entrusted her with recovering a packet of highly sensitive private letters stolen from her desk. When the ladies of the ton of regency London need discreet assistance, they turn to Rosalind Thorne—in these mysteries inspired by the novels of Jane Austen. However, lady Melbourne omits a crucial detail.

Rosalind learns from the bow street runner, Adam Harkness, that an unidentified woman was found dead in the courtyard of Melbourne House.


Murder at the Opera: An Atlas Catesby Mystery

Crooked Lane Books #ad - Amateur sleuth atlas Catesby is about to discover the dark side of the bright lights. His long-awaited night at the opera with Lady Lilliana ends abruptly when a notorious courtesan is shot to death in Covent Garden. The infamous victim was the mistress of the powerful Marquess of Vessey. When a nobleman's mistress is gunned down on the steps of the Covent Garden opera house, brilliant adventurer Atlas Catesby discovers a sinister family connection that compels him to investigate.

London, 1815. M. Atlas believes that the marquess--his former brother in law--is responsible for the long-ago death of Atlas's sister, Phoebe. But his inquiry is complicated when Phoebe's grown son implores Atlas to help prove Vessey's innocence. Plunging into the cutthroat backstage life of the theatre community, the adventurer and the noblewoman soon discover that ruthless professional rivalries can escalate into violence, setting the stage for death in Murder at the Opera, D.

Murder at the Opera: An Atlas Catesby Mystery #ad - Quincy's third riveting Atlas Catesby mystery set in Regency England. Atlas seizes the opportunity to potentially avenge his sister's death.


The Fateful Marriage Lady Fan Mystery Book 6

Sapere Books #ad - Was the fall a devastating mishap? or could the woman have been pushed?lady fan must unravel dark family secrets in her quest for the truth…THE FATEFUL MARRIAGE is the sixth book in the Lady Fan Mystery series: historical romance murder mysteries with a courageous women sleuth embarking on a traditional British, private investigation in eighteenth-century London.

A brand new mystery featuring lady Fan! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Barbara Erskine and Jane Austen. Wherever lady fan goes, murder follows…1791, EnglandLady Ottilia and Lord Francis Fanshawe are holidaying in Tunbridge Wells when they stumble across the scene of a horrific accident. While visiting the high rocks, a local tourist spot, a young woman falls to her death from the top of the climb.

It soon becomes clear that the woman is linked to the infamous Dowager Viscountess Lady Wem – an indomitable matriarch visiting Tunbridge with her extended family. The young woman was at the centre of a scandal – Lady Wem’s grandson, Daniel, eloped with her three years prior. As lady fan is introduced to the family her suspicions are aroused.

The Fateful Marriage Lady Fan Mystery Book 6 #ad - The late regency writer georgette heyer lives—and she's writing mysteries as elizabeth bailey!’ - meritorious Mysteries ‘Ottilia is a strong, and murders as well! Her heroine sleuth, Ottilia, plus continuing characters you can really come to love, intelligent character with a real enthusiasm for detective work’ – She Reads Novels‘They have everything you love in romances, is a fantastic character.

Historical romance uklady fan historical mystery seriesbook one: the gilded shroudbook two: the deathly portentbook three: the opium purge BOOK FOUR: The Candlelit CoffinBOOK FIVE: The Mortal BlowBOOK SIX: The Fateful Marriage.


A Tangle of Serpents: A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Lady Arianna Hadley Mystery Book 6

#ad - And yet, their friend Sophia Kirtland refuses to accept it. For at every turn lies a cunning enemy who’ll stop at nothing to win the battle of wits. And a sin from her father’s past. And so begin a wild ride through the high and lows of Paris, where tempting pleasures can turn lethal at any moment. Despite their fraught past with the minister, they’ve developed a grudging friendship.

Can they uncoil the tangle of serpents and find the truth? The challenges turn even more dangerous when Arianna is forced to confront an old Russian enemy. Arianna can’t help but have her doubts, too—even when a midnight encounter with the fugitive minister tells her otherwise. Or has grentham deceived them? They’re shown damning evidence that proves his guilt beyond question.

A Tangle of Serpents: A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Lady Arianna Hadley Mystery Book 6 #ad - Saybrook is less certain, but his sense of honor compels him to join their quest to prove him innocent. But little do they know that an even more dangerous battle is about to test their mettle. The shocking news that lord grentham, the steely minister of state security, has been accused of treason and is on the run from arrest takes them and their close circle of friends by surprise.


Lady Takes the Case Manor Cat Mystery Book 1

Berkley #ad - The earl and countess of avebury are determined that Cecilia's brother, Patrick, will win Annabel's hand in marriage—and her fortune along with it. Danby hall is the only home Lady Cecilia Bates has ever known. As the scandal seizes danby, and jane's curiously intelligent cat, Cecilia sets out to find the culprit, Jane, with help from Annabel's maid, Jack.

After the poison that someone had stashed away inside the manor is discovered, Cecilia is left with two possibilities: Either a resident of Danby snapped and tried to kill the arrogant heiress, or the threat is coming from one of their guests, who would love to see the Bates family's decline become permanent.

Lady Takes the Case Manor Cat Mystery Book 1 #ad - Despite the rigid rules of etiquette and her mother the Countess of Avebury's fervent desire to see her married off, Lady Cecilia can't imagine life anywhere else. When a dinner party turns deadly, the feisty Lady Cecilia Bates and intuitive cat Jack are on the case, in this first entry to an exciting new historical-mystery series.

England 1912. To help the lackluster patrick in this pursuit, the Bates and their staff arrange a grand house party upon the heiress's arrival. When a guest dies after sipping from a glass meant for Annabel, it's clear the Bates have a more poisonous problem on their hands than a lack of chemistry. But now, with an agricultural depression sweeping the countryside, the Bates family's possession of the hall is suddenly in peril.

A possible solution arrives in the form of the imperious American heiress Annabel Clarke.


A Secret Agenda: A Lillie Mead Historical Mystery The Lillie Mead Historical Mystery Series Book 4

Fielding House Press #ad - And when she travels to London to get help identifying the toxin, the chemist she consults is shot dead before her eyes. Racing to decipher a complex series of clues, Lillie makes a disturbing connection between her husband-to-be and the Russian government. Headstrong crime reporter Lillie Mead is planning her impending wedding.

Following the trail in search of her beau, she finds herself embroiled in a high-stakes coverup. A mysterious white powder may threaten her marriage plans… and world peace. Oxford, england, 1922. If you like determined women, espionage intrigue, and shocking twists and turns, then you’ll love Lisa Zumpano’s gripping whodunit.

A Secret Agenda: A Lillie Mead Historical Mystery The Lillie Mead Historical Mystery Series Book 4 #ad - Buy a secret agenda to get to the truth today! If she’s not careful, the only bells chiming will be those at her funeral. Can lillie prevent a deadly international incident, or will her nuptial announcement become an obituary?A Secret Agenda is the fourth book in the suspenseful Lillie Mead Historical Mystery series.

But when her spy fiancé disappears while she’s investigating a suspicious poisoning death, she fears her happily-ever-after will turn tragic.


Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders A Woman of WWII Mystery Book 1

Berkley #ad - In the remote english village of little buffenden, Poppy Redfern’s family house and farmland has been requisitioned by the War Office as a new airfield for the American Air Force. Charming and feisty poppy redfern stumbles into murder in this exciting new World War II historical mystery series from critically acclaimed author Tessa Arlen.

The world has been at war for three long and desperate years. The mistrust and suspicion of their new American partners in war threatens to tear Little Buffenden apart. Poppy will have no choice but to lay a trap for a killer so perilously close to home, she might very well become the next victim. Poppy decides to start her own investigation with the help of a charismatic American pilot and she soon unearths some chilling secrets and long-held grudges.

Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders A Woman of WWII Mystery Book 1 #ad - . When two young, popular women who were dating American servicemen are found strangled, Poppy quickly realizes that her little town has been divided by murder. Summer 1942. As the village's air raid warden, poppy spends her nights patrolling the village as she tries to ease her neighbors’ fears about the “Friendly Invasion” and what it means to their quiet way of life.


A Pretty Deceit A Verity Kent Mystery Book 4

Kensington #ad - Praise for anna lee huber’s Penny for Your Secrets   “Stellar mystery. A great read for fans of the series and all who enjoy Downton Abbey-era fiction. Booklist. Intrigue still abounds, even within her own family. At every turn, the suspected traitor seems to be one step ahead of them. While verity and her husband, investigate this new mystery, Sidney, they are also on the trail of an old adversary—the shadowy and lethal Lord Ardmore.

Peacetime has brought little respite for Verity Kent. But there are strange goings-on at the manor, possible heirloom forgeries, including missing servants, and suspicious rumors—all leading to the discovery of a dead body on the grounds. In the aftermath of the great war, the line between friend and foe may be hard to discern, even for indomitable former Secret Service agent Verity Kent, in award-winning author Anna Lee Huber’s thrilling mystery series.

A Pretty Deceit A Verity Kent Mystery Book 4 #ad - . And even when their dear friend max, stumbles upon a code hidden among his late father’s effects that may reveal the truth about Ardmore, the Earl of Ryde, Verity wonders if they are really the hunters—or the hunted . As a favor to her father, Verity agrees to visit his sister in Wiltshire. Her once prosperous aunt has fallen on difficult times and is considering selling their estate.


Mystery at Glennon Hall A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 1

#ad - It offered women equal pay and rank for the same work. Her life with the admiral and his wife allowed her to grow, learn new skills, and enjoy new experiences until she was sidelined in the summer of 1918 by an incident that meant the abrupt end of her military career. The great War. One she relished for the time she put in as the amanuensis to a high-ranking officer.

A glennon normal school Historical Mystery Book 1Early September 1918. Not until a mystery at Glennon Hall is followed by a murder and Delia finds herself drawn into both. That loophole relieved men of the clerical duties that kept them from combat. Suddenly, some of the past excitement found its way back into her life.

Mystery at Glennon Hall A Glennon Normal School Historical Mystery Book 1 #ad - When the call was made for women to help in the war effort, Delia was one of the first to sign up for a four-year enlistment using a loophole in the language that allowed women to join the service. S. Naval Reserve. A career that was as exciting as it was fulfilling. Circumstances and a remaining family connection brought Delia to the Glennon Normal School when other doors were closed to her.

Thousands rushed forward to fill that gap.