Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions

Cambridge University Press - North argues that the kinds of skills and knowledge fostered by the structure of an economy will shape the direction of change and gradually alter the institutional framework. He then explains how institutional development may lead to a path-dependent pattern of development. Thomas and structure and Change in Economic History Norton, 1981.

Louis. North is director of the center of Political Economy and Professor of Economics and History at Washington University in St. The second part of the book deals with institutional change. Continuing his groundbreaking analysis of economic structures, Douglass North develops an analytical framework for explaining the ways in which institutions and institutional change affect the performance of economies, both at a given time and over time.

Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions - Institutions exist, he argues, due to the uncertainties involved in human interaction; they are the constraints devised to structure that interaction. He indicates how institutional analysis must be incorporated into neo-classical theory and explores the potential for the construction of a dynamic theory of long-term economic change.

Blaug cup, 1988 paperback ed. Used book in Good Condition. Professor north is included in Great Economists Since Keynes edited by M. Douglass C.

Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action Canto Classics

Cambridge University Press - Cambridge university press. The governance of natural resources used by many individuals in common is an issue of increasing concern to policy analysts. After critiquing the foundations of policy analysis as applied to natural resources, Elinor Ostrom here provides a unique body of empirical data to explore conditions under which common pool resource problems have been satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily solved.

Both state control and privatization of resources have been advocated, but neither the state nor the market have been uniformly successful in solving common pool resource problems. In contrast to the proposition of the 'tragedy of the commons' argument, common pool problems sometimes are solved by voluntary organizations rather than by a coercive state.

Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action Canto Classics - Among the cases considered are communal tenure in meadows and forests, irrigation communities and other water rights, and fisheries. Dr ostrom uses institutional analysis to explore different ways - both successful and unsuccessful - of governing the commons.

The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Second Printing with a New Preface and Appendix Harvard Economic Studies

Harvard University Press - Cambridge university press. Economists have long understood that defense, law, and order were public goods that could not be marketed to individuals, and that taxation was necessary. The theory indicates that, they will tend to devote too few resources to the satisfaction of their common interests, though small groups can act to further their interest much more easily than large ones, and that there is a surprising tendency for the “lesser” members of the small group to exploit the “greater” members by making them bear a disproportionate share of the burden of any group action.

All of the theory in the book is in chapter 1; the remaining chapters contain empirical and historical evidence of the theory’s relevance to labor unions, corporations, pressure groups, and Marxian class action. They have not, however, taken account of the fact that private as well as governmental organizations produce public goods.

The services the labor union provides for the worker it represents, or the benefits a lobby obtains for the group it represents, are public goods: they automatically go to every individual in the group, whether or not he helped bear the costs. This is not true of smaller organizations for, as this book shows, small and large organizations support themselves in entirely different ways.

The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Second Printing with a New Preface and Appendix Harvard Economic Studies - Applying economic analysis to the subjects of the political scientist, and economist, sociologist, Mancur Olson examines the extent to which the individuals that share a common interest find it in their individual interest to bear the costs of the organizational effort. The theory shows that most organizations produce what the economist calls “public goods”―goods or services that are available to every member, whether or not he has borne any of the costs of providing them.

It follows that, just as governments require compulsory taxation, many large private organizations require special and sometimes coercive devices to obtain the resources they need.

Structure and Change in Economic History

W. W. Norton & Company - Cambridge university press. In this bold, sweeping study of the development of Western economies, Douglass C. North sets forth a new view of societal change. At the core of professor north's investigation is the question of property rights, the arrangements individuals and groups have made through history to deal with the fundamental economic problem of scarce resources.

In six theoretical chapters, outlines an economic theory of the state and the ideologies that undergird various modes of economic organization, Professor North examines the structure of economic systems, and then explores the dynamic forces such as new technologies that cause institutions to adapt in order to survive.

Structure and Change in Economic History - Harvard University Press. With this analytical framework in place, major phases in Western history come under careful reappraisal, from the origins of agriculture and the neolithic revolution through the political economy of the ancient and medieval worlds to the industrial revolution and the economic transformations of the twentieth century.

Structure and change in Economic History is a work that will reshape many established explanations of the growth of the west.

Memos to the Governor: An Introduction to State Budgeting

Georgetown University Press - Memos to the governor is a painless, practical introduction to budget preparation for students of and practitioners in public administration and public-sector financial management. Cambridge university press. Forsythe and Donald J. They cover all of the steps of budget preparation, and discussing key topics including baseline budgeting, explaining technical vocabulary, revenue forecasting, from strategy to execution, and gap-closing options.

Forsythe and boyd bring fresh insights into such issues as the importance of a multiyear strategic budget plan, the tactical problems of getting budgets adopted by legislatures, and, the impact of the business cycle on state budgets, of course, the relationship between governor and budget officer. Used book in Good Condition.

Memos to the Governor: An Introduction to State Budgeting - Boyd outline the budgeting process through a series of memos from a budget director to a newly elected governor―a format that helps readers with little or no background understand complicated financial issues. This revised and updated edition of memos to the Governor is a concise and highly readable guidebook that explains in clear, understandable prose the technical, economic, and political dynamics of budget making.

Updated with many new examples of budget quandaries from recent years, this book helps current and future public administrators untangle the knotty processes of budget preparation and implementation. Authors Dall W. Harvard University Press.

The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics

MIT Press - Why economists' attempts to help poorer countries improve their economic well-being have failed. Since the end of world war ii, economists have tried to figure out how poor countries in the tropics could attain standards of living approaching those of countries in Europe and North America. Cambridge university press.

Finally, he suggests alternative approaches to the problem. Used book in Good Condition. None of these solutions has delivered as promised. Attempted remedies have included providing foreign aid, investing in machines, fostering education, controlling population growth, and making aid loans as well as forgiving those loans on condition of reforms.

The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists' Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics - Mit Press. Harvard University Press. Easterly first discusses the importance of growth. He then analyzes the development solutions that have failed. Written in an accessible, style, at times irreverent, Easterly's book combines modern growth theory with anecdotes from his fieldwork for the World Bank. The problem is not the failure of economics, William Easterly argues, but the failure to apply economic principles to practical policy work.

In this book easterly shows how these solutions all violate the basic principle of economics, that people―private individuals and businesses, government officials, even aid donors―respond to incentives.

Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy

Princeton University Press - Harvard University Press. After spending two decades analyzing the efficacy of these governments in such fields as agriculture, trust, housing, they reveal patterns of associationism, and health services, and cooperation that facilitate good governance and economic prosperity. Used book in Good Condition.

. Mit Press. Their focus is on a unique experiment begun in 1970 when Italy created new governments for each of its regions. Cambridge university press. Why do some democratic governments succeed and others fail? In a book that has received attention from policymakers and civic activists in America and around the world, Robert Putnam and his collaborators offer empirical evidence for the importance of "civic community" in developing successful institutions.

Organization Theory and Public Management

Wadsworth Publishing - Written with present and future public managers in mind, organizaTION THEORY AND PUBLIC MANAGEMENT arms students with the theoretical and conceptual knowledge necessary to be effective managers. Harvard University Press. Placing each school in historical context through the use of a chronological approach to the examination of theory allows for a deeper understanding of the material and encourages the reader to develop his or her own thoughts and ideas.

Mit Press. Cambridge university press. Used book in Good Condition. The text examines each major school-of-thought by taking a chronological approach. Used book in Good Condition. This approach enables the reader to understand each major school in the context in which it emerged and gained prominence.

Classics of Organizational Behavior

Waveland Press, Inc. - Used book in Good Condition. The fourth edition is greatly expanded by 18 additional selections that have profoundly changed management thinking and practice into the twenty-first century. Used book in Good Condition. The behavioral sciences are an integral part of the field of management, and the professional literature in this discipline has proliferated.

Within this immense body of knowledge, Natemeyer and Hersey acquaint the reader with 54 of the most outstanding writings on the subject of organizational behavior in the last 100 years. Cambridge university press. Classics of organizational behavior provides a wide exposure of analysis, work processes, including the genesis of organizational behavior, and the interplay between organizations, a discussion of interpersonal and group behaviors, the nuances of leadership and power and influence, how to increase leadership skills and organizational effectiveness, the links between motivation and performance, and people.

Classics of Organizational Behavior - Harvard University Press. Mit Press. In the practice of management the human element has evolved, developed, and expanded just as swiftly as industry and technology. Used book in Good Condition. Title of related interest also from waveland press: Johnson-Hackman, Leadership: A Communication Perspective, Seventh Edition ISBN 9781478635024.

Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service, 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Russell Sage Foundation - Used book in Good Condition. Instead, screening applicants for qualities their organizations favor, they are forced to adopt practices such as rationing resources, "rubberstamping" applications, and routinizing client interactions by imposing the uniformities of mass processing on situations requiring human responsiveness.

In this thirtieth anniversary expanded edition, Michael Lipsky revisits the territory he mapped out in the first edition to reflect on significant policy developments over the last several decades. This expanded edition of street-Level Bureaucracy underscores that, despite its challenging nature, street-level work can be made to conform to higher expectations of public service.

Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service, 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition - Cambridge university press. Used book in Good Condition. First published in 1980, function as policy decision makers, Street-Level Bureaucracy received critical acclaim for its insightful study of how public service workers, in effect, as they wield their considerable discretion in the day-to-day implementation of public programs.

Over the years, public managers have developed ways to bring street-level performance more in line with agency goals. In street-level bureaucracy, lipsky argues that these relatively low-level public service employees labor under huge caseloads, ambiguous agency goals, and inadequate resources. But the cumulative effect of street-level decisions made on the basis of routines and simplifications about clients can reroute the intended direction of policy, undermining citizens' expectations of evenhanded treatment.

When combined with substantial discretionary authority and the requirement to interpret policy on a case-by-case basis, the difference between government policy in theory and policy in practice can be substantial and troubling.

The Politics of Public Budgeting: Getting and Spending, Borrowing and Balancing

CQ Press - Cambridge university press. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. In the politics of Public Budgeting, author Irene S. Mit Press. Rubin lays out the actors involved–interest groups, and the public–and shines a light on how these groups, who each have their own goals, public officials, legislators, are able to bargain and barter their way to a resolution.

Used book in Good Condition. The new eighth edition examines the budgeting process over time and sets issues like the federal deficit and health care expenditures in political and comparative context. As in previous editions, the book also draws on examples from all levels of government and emphasizes the relationships among them.

The Politics of Public Budgeting: Getting and Spending, Borrowing and Balancing - By carefully analyzing each strand of the decision-making process, Rubin shows the extraordinary cooperation involved in passing a budget and achieving accountability. Public budgeting is inherently political. Harvard University Press. Used book in Good Condition.