Aaron’s Patience

#ad - I run a multi-billion dollar company. Another run in with aaron, this time leading him to discover my secret, and now I’m forced to make an impossible decision. I didn’t have time for petty memories and silly indulgences like love. I wasn’t sticking around to find out his reasons either. Now, i’m not willing to let her walk away.

There she was, just like she was waiting for me. Aaronshe was supposed to remain in the past. Oh, but that wouldn’t keep me from touching her, upon seeing me, she was pissed, or taking what has always belonged to me. I was pushed away by his secrets. I left the city i grew up in to keep my distance from him after his final act of betrayal.

Aaron's Patience #ad - I am at the top of my game. I could go on with my life as I had been. A past i worked long and hard to forget. Whatever, it was just one night. Making deals and taking names in the boardroom were what fueled me. But one trip for a work conference and I was putty in his arms again. But one night everything came flooding back.


Meant to Be

#ad - This time back home. But something much worse is forcing me to pick up and relocate again. What i hadn’t banked on was breaking the vow I’d made years earlier; to never lose my heart to a woman again. Kaylaseven years ago i left williamsport, carrying with me the grief of losing my best friend and the shame of the feelings I’d developed for the man she left behind.

Joshuai hadn’t realized how much I’d missed her until I saw her for the first time in seven years. No matter how much i wanted to forget about it, to give her the cold shoulder for leaving the way she did, I couldn’t. The stark, anger-filled expression in Joshua’s emerald eyes when he first lays eyes on me, warns of his unforgiveness.

Meant to Be #ad - Secrets that sent her scurrying back to the city she left behind. This time it’s starting to feel as if it were meant to be. At least, that’s what I thought it was, until he invites me to stay in his home. Not only is there trouble brewing at my multi-million dollar real-estate company, but Kay’s got her own secrets.

I spent time running from those feelings and the guilt that tried to suffocate me. And this time, it’s deeper than ever before. But it could never be. Once there, the friendship that was always between us, changes into something more.


Where Love is Found

#ad - She wants to continue to grow her multi-million dollar business. Charlice “duck” Jefferies knows exactly what she wants out of life. She even has unbreakable rules. No flings that last longer than six months. No personal questions. No spending the night. And absolutely no dating. But all her rules and well thought out plans go out the window when she meets Jackson Keller.

She knows love is a lie and should be considered an incurable disease. Jackson tears down her perfectly built walls and expose dark secrets she planned to take to her grave. Warning, this book contains heavy subject matter. Readers please be advised. And she wants sex, LOTS of sex. Charlice has no time for relationships.

Where Love is Found #ad - She wants to take care of her family.


Just Say The Word

#ad - And i don’t do women that need rescuing. Months later, i began rearranging the entirety of my schedule to be her chauffeur, when she was left stranded, I grew suspicious. That isn’t who I am. Of myself. I don’t intend on losing. I’ve spent over a decade building up my real estate business to become one of the most well known in the city of Williamsport.

Even her name sounds unsullied. Then why is this woman with eyes the color of maple syrup, causing me to spend my days and nights thinking about her? And why am I so ready to put my own personal demons to the side, just to win her heart? Because, make no mistake, and a ten year old daughter who is her mirror image, that is what I’m after.

Just Say The Word #ad - Then why am i so drawn to her? Sandra Robinson. Anything or anyone that gets in my way is in trouble. All she has to do is just say the word. But winning this game will require patience to break down the barriers she’s erected around her heart. She isn’t my type. I’ve taken care of my family since the age of thirteen.

Damoni don’t do shy women. And i dated women who didn’t go speechless at a simple request to dance.


For Keeps

#ad - In my world, women came a dime a dozen … or so I thought. Tyler when you know, you know. While i was never one to run from love, marriage or commitment, I knew it’d take a strong woman to handle everything that came with being with me. Because as soon as Destiny McDonald blew into my world, all the games were over.

Then, in walks Tyler Townsend. I just knew it. Because this time I’m playing for keeps. However, after having my heart crushed once by the man who claimed to love me and only me, I wasn’t exactly itching to take another walk down that aisle. Or so say, the men in my family. I had a career that I loved as a financial advisor, great friends, and family.

For Keeps #ad - No other woman would do. Just fine. Don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t completely soured on the whole falling in love thing. I didn’t need for anything. And i do anything to ensure that she knew it. And i do mean anything. Or rather, I walked into his life. Not only was my family well connected and wealthy, but as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, I had made a success of my life on my own.


Carter's Flame: A Rescue Four Novel

#ad - And nothing, not her reluctance, not my brother, and not even her son’s father will stand in the way of what belongs to me. Walking into the depths of hell to pull out survivors. It took me years to find my true purpose. My job is to rescue people and put out fires, but I will set anyone who stands in our way, ablaze.

Michelle Clarke. Our worlds collided and I knew instantly that she was mine. The eight years I spent in special forces. No. But that wasn’t my purpose in life. My birthright was to be at the helm of one of the world’s leading energy companies. Everything in my life up until this point has been preparing me for her.

Carter's Flame: A Rescue Four Novel #ad - All of it was preparation for her. And the last six years spent as a proud member of the Williamsport Fire Department’s Rescue 4 squad. I’ll leave that life to my brothers. I was born into a world of wealth and privilege. My childhood. I will happily pour the gasoline and light the match and set all of this shit aflame, just to ensure she is where she belongs … with me.

It’s what gets me out of my bed in the morning, and eventually, it’s what led me to her.


All We Ever Needed Men of Whiskey Row Book 6

#ad - Series must be read in order. Always seen and treated like the baby of the overprotective Romankov/Sullivan clan, Katerina may have been the youngest child, and only girl, of Alexei and Vivienne but she was all woman. The only thing missing was…love. She found it in Holton Brammer. The swede’s goal was to live a simple, drama-free life and share it with the woman of his dreams whom he’d coveted since…well, the particulars were best kept to himself.

This book contains scenes featuring graphic language, s&m, m/m play, very mature love scenes, graphic violence, and sex trafficking. Just when he’s finally able to overcome those hurdles, threatening the safety and security of not only his peaceful life, Holt’s family obligations and unknown forces turn his world inside out, but that of his most prized possession.

All We Ever Needed Men of Whiskey Row Book 6 #ad - Katerina Romankov. Now only war exists and it’s one The Woodsman is determined to win…with a little help from some friends. Must be 18 years+ to read. If you are not a fan of multilayered plots and multi-characters, this may not be the series for you. There were a few obstacles that had prevented Holt from making that dream a reality.

They came in the form of her domineering father and her brothers - his three best friends since childhood. To the outside, Kat had it all.


Angels and Assassins 3: The Anarchist

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - The enemies he’s made are focused only on one thing—exterminate him and everyone attached to him. He won’t let ari go and nothing—no one—will stop him from making her a permanent part of his life. But the life he’s built is dangerous. So, this time, he takes chase. But then, he sees her, ari Johnson, and everything he’s ever known is ground into dust.

. Others are destroyed by it. When julien hunter is recruited out of college as an elite asset for a pseudo-anarchist group, a good payday, the stroking of his rebellious ego, he expects for it to be simple—the occasional challenge, and the occasional beautiful face in his bed whenever he has to go covert.

Angels and Assassins 3: The Anarchist #ad - A training that nearly costs him his life. He and ari spend the evening together in her hotel suite, and although Julien knows he has to leave or risk compromising a mission, he can’t get Ari out of his head. When they run into each other again, Julien is a different man, a hardened man after having spent the last several months undergoing a training to be part of a counterterrorism ghost unit.

So when he gets a phone call that changes his life, threatens the very world he is trying to build with the love of his life, he will do anything to punish those responsible. In the worst way possible.


Bobby Sinatra: In All the Wrong Places The Rags to Romance Series Book 1

Austin Brook Publishing #ad - Renita “rain” hopson isn’t looking for love in all the right places, or any places when hard times hit and she ends up in Jericho, wrong places, Maine. And rain has a lot of pain. Rain goes from hands off, to hands all over Bobby, just as fast. But bobby has a past. But when he lays eyes on Rain, everything changes.

He wants her. All she wants is a job, a roof over her and her son’s heads, and peace. As the mayor of jericho, he has his hands full and has no interest in putting those hands, or his heart, anywhere else. Badly. And when his past and her pain collide, will their blooming, earnest love survive?Bobby Sinatra: In All The Wrong Places is the first explosive installment in the Rags to Romance series.

Bobby Sinatra: In All the Wrong Places The Rags to Romance Series Book 1 #ad - And what Bobby wants, Bobby gets. Their relationship is a whirlwind, as Bobby goes from a stranger to her rescuer to her lover in no time flat. But can she find all of that, in jericho?heartthrob Robert “Bobby” Sinatra, and more, the bad boy of the Big Daddy Sinatra big clan, isn’t looking for love either.

Finally, peace.


Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty Dangerous Beauty Book 5

Beautiful Dreamers Publications LLC #ad - And, try as she might to convince him his feelings for her are one-sided, Lucca knows better. As a powerful individual of the underworld, she has done everything to make a name for herself and the place in which she comes from. She wants him, too. Though always one to keep her focus on what she was taught was important, lately, she finds herself a bit … distracted.

No matter how long it takes, Lucca is determined to win the heart of the underworld’s Dark Beauty. DelACot. When he’s not ruling his family with an iron fist, his focus is on winning the heart of a reluctant, unattainable beauty. Edge of your seat mafia romance series, has returned with its Fifth Installment!Right hand to one of the underworld’s most powerful crime bosses, Dangerous Beauty, Davina Delavigne is a woman conflicted.

Dangerous Beauty: Part Five: Dark Beauty Dangerous Beauty Book 5 #ad - A secret society of elite assassins purposely hidden from the rest of the world. Since the first moment he laid eyes on her, he wanted her. He’s tall, sinfully sexy, beautifully dangerous, and Davina doesn’t quite know what to do with the feelings she’s experiencing every time she’s in his presence.

Especially since those feelings are forbidden.


Miles & Mistletoe

#ad - Unable to stop herself, Stacia let’s Ian know exactly what she thinks of him. That’s when he makes her a proposition she can’t refuse: Be my date over the holiday season or else … What started out as merely a means to acquire someone to have on his arm at the holiday events he has to attend, quickly turns into something deeper.

That’s why’s it’s especially imperative that Zerlinger Beers’ holiday season goes well with its many holiday brand extensions. The last thing on ian’s mind is women, more specifically, dating, unless it’s his need for a date for one of the many holiday events he’ll be attending over the season.

Now ian can’t keep the seemingly perfectly quaffed woman, with a sometimes sharp tongue, off his mind. And he definitely isn’t a man who takes no for an answer. It’s that drive, learned from childhood, Zerlinger Beer and Spirits, that aided in his ability to turn around his company, into the success it is today.

Naturally, in walks Stacia Langton, a flight attendant for the private airline Ian readily uses. After thousands of miles traveled together, and a few kisses and more shared under the mistletoe will Ian and Stacia decide to remain dating once the holiday season is over? Or will one of Ian’s meddling employees destroy what the couple have come value as a genuine friendship leading to something more?

Miles & Mistletoe #ad - Miles & mistletoe is a 37, 000+ word holiday novella****Ian Zerlinger is a man who is used to getting what he wants. However, while both are volunteering at a shelter, on the night of Thanksgiving, Ian’s callous comments rankle Stacia’s nerves one too many times. Upon their first encounter, Ian is as dismissive of Stacia as he is of just about everyone else he encounters.