40 Questions About Creation and Evolution 40 Questions & Answers Series

Kregel Academic - Biblically and scientifically informed answers to pressing questions about the creation-evolution debateThis accessible volume evenly addresses the issues of modern science and the scriptural texts. The conservative evangelical authors are well-informed on contemporary scientific views of the universe and also carefully exegete the biblical texts that pertain to creation.

40 Questions About Creation and Evolution 40 Questions & Answers Series - Seminary students and serious college students will find this information critical, as an understanding of creation is vital to an effective apologetic in sharing the faith. They irenically consider the various angles of the debate and make constructive suggestions to reconcile science and the Bible. Those who are curious about the origins of life and the universe will want to read this book.

A Theology for the Church

B&H Academic - Chapters on special revelation David Dockery and human nature John Hammett have also been updated. The revised edition of a theology for the church retains its original structure, organized under these traditional theological categories: revelation, the church, the Holy Spirit, salvation, God, humanity, Christ, and last things.

Included in this revision are new chapters on theological method from a missional perspective Bruce Ashford and Keith Whitfield and theology of creation, providence, and Sabbath that engages current research in science and philosophy Chad Owen Brand. Albert Mohler, Jr. Paige patterson, and Mark Dever among others will also appeal to the broader evangelical community.

A Theology for the Church - Each chapter within these sections contains answers to the following four questions: What does the Bible say? What has the church believed? How does it all fit together? How does this doctrine impact the church today? Contributions from leading Baptist thinkers R.

A Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness

Crossway Books - A Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness - Crossway Books. How do we know that the bible is true? best-selling author john piper examines the Bible’s “self-authenticating” nature and unique ability to showcase God’s unmatched glory, laying a solid foundation for the belief that God’s Word is absolutely perfect and totally reliable.

For the Love of God's Word: An Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Kregel Academic - This book will serve as a standard text for interpreting Scripture that is both academically responsible and accessible for pastors, teachers, and college students. An introduction to a clear method of biblical interpretation For the Love of God’s Word is an abridged, less technical version of Köstenberger and Patterson’s acclaimed Invitation to Biblical Interpretation.

Built on the premise that every passage requires careful scrutiny of its historical setting, and theological message, literary dimension, this volume teaches a simple threefold method that is applicable to every passage of Scripture regardless of genre. Crossway Books. In addition, the book sets forth specific strategies for interpreting the various genres of Scripture, from poetry to epistle to prophecy.

For the Love of God's Word: An Introduction to Biblical Interpretation - A final chapter is devoted to helpful Bible study resources that will equip the reader to apply Scripture to life. This volume will enable students of Scripture to grow in love for God’s Word as they grow in the disciplines of study and discernment. Students, teachers, and pastors alike will find this introduction to biblical hermeneutics to be an accessible resource with both breadth and substance.

Not the Way It's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin

Eerdmans - He discusses the parasitic quality of sin and the ironies and pretenses generated by this quality. Crossway Books. In smoothly flowing prose Plantinga describes how sin corrupts what is good and how such corruption spreads. But the shadow of sin has now dimmed in our consciousness. Christians hated sin, feared it, fled from it--and grieved over it.

He describes two classic "postures" or movements of sin -- attack and flight. This timely book retrieves an old awareness that has slipped and changed in recent decades. He examines the relation of sin to folly and addiction. And in an epilogue he reminds us that whatever we say about sin also sharpens our eye for the beauty of grace.

Not the Way It's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin - The awareness of sin used to be our shadow. Even preachers, who once got visibly angry over a congregation's sin, now speak of sin in a mumble. Cornelius plantinga pulls the ancient doctrine of sin out of mothballs and presents it to contemporary readers in clear language, drawing from a wide range of books, films, and other cultural resources.

40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible 40 Questions & Answers Series

Kregel Academic & Professional - Robert L. Plummer tackles the major questions that persons ask about reading and undestanding the Bible. Questions include:does the bible contain error?were the ancient manuscripts of the bible transmitted accurately?What is the best English Bible translation?Is the Bible really all about Jesus?Do all the commands of the Bible apply today?Why can't people agree on what the Bible means?How do we interpret historical narrative?How do we interpret the Psalms?What does the Bible tell us about the future?What is the "Theological Interpretation of Scripture"?and many others Crossway Books.

In 40 questions about Interpreting the Bible, New Testament Professor Dr.

Together on God's Mission: How Southern Baptists Cooperate to Fulfill the Great Commission

B&H Academic - It also explores how this vision has shaped denominational identity and structure. This historical study is followed by a discussion of the biblical description of how the mission of God determines the mission of the church. Finally, the study concludes that the southern Baptist Convention is uniquely positioned to enable churches to fully participate in God’s mission to redeem the nations and restore creation from the effects of the Fall.

Together on God's Mission: How Southern Baptists Cooperate to Fulfill the Great Commission - This study shows that god’s mission is not simply furthered by churches working together, but rather that cooperation between churches makes up a key component of God’s mission. Crossway Books. Together on god’s mission investigates Southern Baptist history, showing how and why the Southern Baptist Convention came to embrace the vision of a cooperative denomination.

40 Questions About the Historical Jesus 40 Questions & Answers Series

Kregel Academic - Answers to critical questions regarding the study of the jesus of history and the Christ of faithThe conclusions of the quest for the historical Jesus, which casts the majority of Christ’s life as a myth, are a stark contrast to the orthodox view of Christ as presented in the Bible. Readers will be encouraged by the reliability of the Gospel writers, the reality of Jesus’ humanity and deity, and the inferiority of the apocryphal gospels.

. Pate demonstrates that a critical analysis of the gospel text along with historical and cultural methods of investigation actually point toward an orthodox view of Christ. This work argues that the canonical gospels are the most trustworthy information we have about the gospel writers as well as the life and ministry of Jesus, visit tohades, including his death, resurrection, and ascension.

40 Questions About the Historical Jesus 40 Questions & Answers Series - Crossway Books.

The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament

B&H Academic - The world and the word will help students see an entry point into the very heart and design of God who loves them and wishes to make them the special object of His grace. Crossway Books. Who god was and what He did then can be replicated in the lives of men and women today. Separating the verifiable biblical and extra-biblical data from the various interpretations of that same information, ministry, the book further shows how the Old Testament forms the platform and matrix from which sprang the life, and teachings of Jesus and the church.

The world and the word is a fresh introduction to the Old Testament driven largely by the fact that so much Christian preaching and teaching today increasingly ignores what is eighty percent of the Bible. Without it, Christian theology would be seriously deficient. Mastery of the old Testament is crucial to an understanding of the New Testament.

The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament - The old testament offers, by teaching and example, practical principles of belief and behavior for contemporary times. Authors eugene merrill, mark rooker, and michael grisanti work through the world and text of the Old Testament always making three major points: • The Old Testament is a rich source of theology and doctrine that is presupposed by the New Testament.

SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference

B&H Academic - Cooperation begins with an informed commitment to participation. Crossway Books. The topics range from the founding of the SBC to how officers and committees work, common terminology, movements in modern denominational history, what individual entities do, and more. Whether one is new to the denominational family and wants to learn the big picture or a lifelong Southern Baptist who wants to refresh his or her knowledge about a specific detail,  SBC FAQs offers clear and concise explanations.

SBC FAQs: A Ready Reference - Covering details of basic history, polity structure, entity functions and more, this ready reference seeks to answer the most common inquiries about how America’s largest Protestant denomination functions. It is designed for first-time messengers and longtime messengers to the SBC Annual Meeting, church members, as well as students, and those in full-time ministry.

. This resource will not only help readers find information, but also inspire them to find their place in the process. Sbc faqs provides a general overview of the Southern Baptist Convention in the format of frequently asked questions.

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics B&H Studies in Christian Ethics

B&H Academic - This book serves as an introduction to the field of biblical ethics, a subcategory of the discipline of moral theology. It differs from moral philosophy in that biblical ethics is distinctively Christian, and it is more specific than Christian ethics proper because it specifically focuses upon the application of the moral law -- as it is revealed in Scripture -- to daily living.

Additionally, and using the Ten Commandments as a moral rubric, after a discussion of ethical methodology, author David W. In the final chapters, the events surrounding the giving of the Decalogue are surveyed, and the application of each of the Ten Commandments to Christian living is explored. Introduction to biblical ethics explains the nature, coherency, relevancy, and structure of the moral law as revealed throughout the Bible.

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics B&H Studies in Christian Ethics - Jones explores the place of the moral law in the lives of believers. Crossway Books. In addition to covering the foundational elements of biblical ethics, major issues investigated in this volume include: different types of law in Scripture, the relationship between the law and the gospel, and issues related to the prospect of conflicting moral absolutes.